The meaning of the word indicates, going back to the origins of the acronym, salus per acquam, that is health by means of water, the actions of therapy that provide precisely the use of water and suitable tools to draw the benefits that it reserves to the body. In recent years, in addition to the treatment of pathologies, a growing number of people have turned to the structures that offer these services: this is why it can be interesting to consider opening a spa .

Personal well-being affects not only women, but many men, more and more interested in relaxation and appearance. The choice to use systems for the care of the body and mind is due to the need to regain well-being, which is the key to the individual’s personal and professional success. Opening a spa is therefore a winning card , provided that if they follow the right steps, because action is taken in a strategic sector, with a fundamental role such as to become an indispensable element of people’s lives. Psychophysical well-being concerns an important item in the budget of many families. The market is evolving and especially involves professionals, for whom the image is very important.

The space reserved for those who want to open a spa is not lacking, because the offer does not currently satisfy the demand entirely and there are still other people to conquer. The wellness for everybody and with the appropriate marketing, along with great-looking proposals, you can easily broaden the user base. People who suffer from work-related stress, individuals interested in benefiting from relaxing treatments, and those who are busy looking for unique experiences are easily accessible with services.

What a spa customer has in common is pampering . In addition to traditional or innovative techniques, we must take care of every detail, accompanying those who enter the structure to complete their journey. Assistance and support, quality products that make the plant more exclusive are highly appreciated. The wellness center sector invoices several million euros each year. The data is a further confirmation of the soundness of the idea of ​​investing in wellness centers, but it is good to gather all the information necessary to reach the goal.

The law number 1 of 1990 and the ministerial decree number 352 of 21 March 1994 provide the regulatory support for the beauty center and wellness center activities. The rules contained govern the opening and management of the two types of activity , indicating the necessary steps and the criteria to be respected. Within the joint there is part of the information for the evaluation to be done before opening a spa. The wellness center is also subjected to municipal rules, established by special articles prepared by the local administration.

A series of requirements must be met and fall within the territorial development plan of the commercial activities of the sector. Among the main points:
a) the minimum area to be allocated for carrying out the planned activities;
b) respect the distance between similar activities insistent on the same municipality;
c) the characteristics and intended use of the spa area;
d) authorizations to open the spa;
e) compliance with the health and hygiene regulations of the environments;
f) the opening and closing times of the financial year;
g) the obligation and the relative ways to display the rates applied to the customers.

The laws and regulations are intended to define the bureaucracy necessary to proceed with the opening of the business. The permits are the essential documents and perhaps the most complex part. The Municipality is the first office to visit, where it is possible to view the regulations and requests to be a spa

The mayor is required to seek the opinion of the local health authority responsible for the area. The sanitary ware must take care of inspecting the premises, checking the systems and equipment to be used for the treatments. Controls must demonstrate compliance with hygiene rules and the suitability of techniques and instruments with respect to human health.

If you combine aesthetic activities , you must have a beautician’s diploma, or hire someone who is qualified. The diploma is obtained by attending a two-year regional course, followed by a year of specialization, replaceable with a practical activity in an aesthetic center. However, the experience cannot be less than 300 hours. If you do not want to follow the course there is the alternative of using the apprenticeship, working for three years within an aesthetic hundred.

It is therefore necessary to establish clearly and accurately the type of activity to carry out before opening a spa. It’s about having hot tubs, swimming pools, saunas, hammam Turkish baths, emotional showers, salt caves, relaxation rooms or the Kneipp path. They are among the main offers of spas, but it all depends on the owner and the spaces, because it takes fairly large and structured rooms in order to allow customers to benefit from it and to move without getting cold and remain in total tranquility during the treatments. If the beauty center is not included, the simple spa does not require any professional requirement, as long as the people employed for the different activities are qualified and prepared to do the job correctly.

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